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Kenneth Graham ‎– Salvation


Rok vydání: 2002
Země: US
Label: Controlteam
Stav: Hraná (VG+)
Styl: Techno

Dostupnost Skladem
220 Kč
Značka Controlteam
Kategorie Techno

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  • 4813
    The Youngsters ‎– Spanish Harlem

    Rok vydání: 2001
    Země: FR
    Label: F Communications
    Stav: Hraná(VG)

    190 Kč
    Značka: F Communications
  • VA - Palicavonzvreca ‎– PVC012 33481
    VA - Palicavonzvreca ‎– PVC012

    Rok vydání: 2021
    Země: Slovakia
    Label: Palicavonzvreca
    Artists: Didier Burgundi & The Outsiders, UVB, Leytonstone, B R 1 0 0 2
    Stav: Nová (M)
    Styl: Techno

    390 Kč
    Značka: Palicavonzvreca
  • Hertz ‎– Progress 4738
    Hertz ‎– Progress

    Rok vydání: 2004
    Země: SWE
    Label: Q-Records
    Stav: Hraná(VG+) / Obal: VG+

    200 Kč
    Značka: Q-Records
  • Speedy J presents V/A STOOR comp 1 31610
    Speedy J presents V/A STOOR comp 1 (2 x vinyl)

    Rok vydání: 2020, 2 x 12" limited edition of 400
    Země: Netherlands
    Label: STOOR
    Stav: Nová(M)
    Styl: Ambient, Techno, Experimental

    Some stunning electronix, techno and ambient presented by Speedy J on the very first STOOR compilation (STOOR meaning Disturb or Interfere, and the name of his studio, The STOOR Studio). This is a compilation of recordings done by Speedy J and talented and respected artists such as Rodhad, Function, Mumdance, AnD, Colin Benders, Black Asteroid, Conforce and Subjected who all recorded in his large studio space in Rotterdam where Speedy J welcomes guests to experiment with sound and electronic live sessions. Known as a true sound designer Speedy J always is looking forward and exploring new technologies combined with his extensive collection of analogue equipment which he collected since his very first release on Plus 8 records in 1990. Striking moments from each collaboration are captured on limited vinyl editions of 25 each sold directly from the studio. To present this project to a wider audience the studio is proudly presenting its first compilation. STOOR Comp 1 holds selected highlights from the 12'' versions and the studio archive and comes in a 400 copies edition.

    700 Kč
    Značka: Text Records
  • Thee Cat In Da Hat ‎– Thee Real Box Revamped 4954
    Thee Cat In Da Hat ‎– Thee Real Box Revamped

    Rok vydání: 2000
    Země: US
    Label: Clashbackk Recordings
    Stav: Hraná(VG+) / Obal: VG+

    180 Kč
    Značka: Clashbackk Recordings
  • Mijk Van Dijk & Asem Shama ‎– Junk Jungle 29381
    Mijk Van Dijk & Asem Shama ‎– Junk Jungle

    Rok vydání: 2002
    Země: Germany
    Label: Ghostline Electronics
    Styl: Techno
    Stav: VG

    230 Kč
    Značka: Ghostline Electronics
  • Broken English Club ‎– White Rats III [L.I.E.S.] 33310
    Broken English Club ‎– White Rats III [L.I.E.S.]

    Rok vydání: 2021
    Země: US
    Label: L.I.E.S.
    Styl: Techno, Electro
    Stav: Nová

    Track List
    A1 Drowning Song 2:15
    A2 Burning Sun 2:48
    A3 Alone in the Hunt 4:28
    A4 The Kill 5:42
    A5 Shadows and Tall Trees 2:55
    B1 They Burned the Villages 3:07
    B2 Lord of the Flies 4:18
    B3 Love Cuts Deeper 3:22
    B4 A Quiet Furnace 4:19
    B5 Wars 3:57

    560 Kč
    Značka: L.I.E.S.
  • Ascii Disko ‎– Einfach (Remixed) 4816
    Ascii Disko ‎– Einfach (Remixed)

    Rok vydání: 2003
    Země: DE
    Label: L'Age D'Or
    Stav: Hraná(VG+) / Obal: VG+

    190 Kč
    Značka: L'Age D'Or

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