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Alien Rain - Empire Of Illusion [UFO Inc.]


Rok vydání: 2021 
Země: DE
Label: UFO Inc.
Stav: Nová (M)
Styl: Techno, Acid

Ellen Allien's rough and raw techno outlet UFO returns with a familiar face. Alien Rain (AKA Milton Bradley) was responsible for UFO2, now he's back with 4 incendiary slices of mutoid funk, entitled the 'Empire Of Illusion' EP. On Ellen's fledgling label the focus is on uncompromising, underground sounds, powerful rhythms and transcendent energy. Alien Rain delivers all of that in abundance on this imposing EP.

Dostupnost Skladem
350 Kč
Značka UFO Inc.
Kategorie Techno

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    Track List
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    A2 Burning Sun 2:48
    A3 Alone in the Hunt 4:28
    A4 The Kill 5:42
    A5 Shadows and Tall Trees 2:55
    B1 They Burned the Villages 3:07
    B2 Lord of the Flies 4:18
    B3 Love Cuts Deeper 3:22
    B4 A Quiet Furnace 4:19
    B5 Wars 3:57

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