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10 Pills Mate

  • Momentálně nedostupné

    Rok vydání: 2019
    Země: UK
    Label: 10 Pills Mate
    Stav: Nová
    Styl: Raw, Techno, Acid, Electro

    Shedbug rips into 2019 with a shell-hardened, cave-crushing, dystopian 5-track crabmageddon EP. Crammed to the brim with scorched acid, crunchy electro and flame-throwered techno tropes.

    Belting bizz from down under, cooked at the afters and topped up with heaps of poppers & liquor for good measure. Schlesisches Tor ain't ready. You have been warned!

    A1. Annex
    A2. Eine Frage Für Dich
    A3. Sibelle
    B1. Crab With A Knife
    B2. Cries Of War

    350 Kč
    Značka: 10 Pills Mate

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